Introducing the ZP-1 Single Dose Grinder by WPM, the epitome of precision and convenience in coffee grinding. Engineered with innovative features like tool-free disassembly for easy cleaning and unparalleled step-less grind adjustment, the ZP-1 offers a seamless coffee preparation experience. Its sophisticated design, coupled with high-performance components, ensures every coffee enthusiast can enjoy the perfect grind, every single time.

  • 1-Step Quick Cleaning: Components designed for easy removal facilitate a simple cleaning process, promoting impeccable hygiene with minimal effort.
  • Easy Workflow: A magnetic-aligned dosing cup ensures precise dosing with minimal mess. The chute knocker effectively clears any remaining grinds, enabling precise dosing every time.
  • Unparalleled Step-Less Grind Adjustment: Occupying minimal counter space, this grinder offers a wide spectrum of grind sizes. Step-less adjustment allows for the precise calibration needed for various brewing methods, from the finest grind for Espresso to coarser textures for French Press.
  • Italian-Engineered 64mm Flat Burrs: Crafted in Italy, the 64mm flat burrs deliver an exceptionally uniform grind, ensuring optimal coffee extraction and a superior taste experience.
  • High-Performance Brushless DC Motor: Featuring a commercial-grade motor, the grinder operates with reduced noise and increased torque. Adjustable grind speed, with 10 settings from 600 to 1,300 RPM, allows for fine-tuning to the perfect consistency.
  • Ultra Low Retention: A low retention rate enables quick bean and grind size changes without taste cross-over, minimizing waste and bypassing the need for purging. Anti-static technology also prevents clumping for a more consistent grind.
  • Sleek Matte Black Aluminium Construction: Precision-engineered with a matte black aluminium body, this coffee grinder offers a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its sleek design radiates sophistication while maintaining a compact form factor that fits effortlessly into any coffee counter space.